2016 – 2017 Child Welfare Data Book Reports
Prepared by
Office of Reporting, Research, Analytics and
Department of Human Services
February 2018
• During Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2017 (October 2016
-September 2017), a total of
80,683 reports of abuse and neglect were received.
• A total of 43,976 of received reports were referred
for investigation. A total of
32,075 investigations were completed, which include
s reports that were referred in
the previous year.
• Of all completed investigations, 7,063 were founded
for abuse or neglect and
involved 11,077 victims.
• Of all victims, 45.1 percent were younger than 6
years old.
• Of all types of maltreatment incidences, neglect
was the most frequently identified
type of maltreatment (45

Reports from Oregon Child Protective Services

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